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 Neutrino Experiment at Angra dos Reis
Neutrino Experiment at Angra dos Reis

The Angra Experiment is a scientific project to build a set of neutrino detectors in the Angra dos Reis Nuclear Complex (Brazil). The detectors are designed to measure Theta-13 mixing angle and develop thecniques to reactor monitoring for the non-proliferation effort, joining fundamental research in particle physics with a pioneering application of neutrino physics.


Phone Conference Minutes
Notes and comments on main subjects discussed on monthly phone-meetings.

The Angra Collaboration has its first paper
The J.C. dos Anjos talk at NUFACT05 in Frascati - Italy , now has its "paper" version.

1st Workshop on Detector Design - 16-19/May/2006
We will have soon a Workshop @ CBPF (Rio de Janeiro) to discuss main features of the detector design.

Slides of the Detector Design Workshop
The slides of the Design Workshop are available !!
 Conferences / Seminars
3rd International Conference on Flavour Physycs

47th INMM Annual Meeting

NNN06 - Workshop on Next generation Nucleon decay and Neutrino detectors 2006

 Talks / Congress
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